The core account service area that W.J. Brader & Associates encompasses is outlined in red on the map below and consists of:

  • Buffalo/Niagara Falls
  • Rochester
  • The Southern Tier Area (consisting of Jamestown, and Olean)
  • Erie, Pennsylvania

This geographic area has an approximate population base of 2.9 million people, which is broken down as follows:

  • Buffalo/Niagara Falls  =  1.2 million peple
  • Rochester  =  1.1 million people
  • Southern Tier/Erie, PA  =  .6 million people

The "green" outlined area represents the total geography we have expanded into.


RED Outline – Corporate Headquarter calls for the Supermarket trade.

GREEN Outline - Retail coverage for Tops, and Wegmans extends into 6 states: NY, NJ, PA, VA, MA and the Baltimore/Washington DC areas.Market Territory.jpg


Market Territory